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EW Ceramics

Ceramics, a source of inspiration and a way of artistic expression for many talents in the visual art, is a great passion for Elizabeth Wiese.

The Pottery of Elizabeth Wiese


Being one of the oldest materials produced by human beings, ceramics arise from a natural element – clay – that is transformed into a flexible paste with the incorporation of mineral products and water, allowing infinite creative possibilities in modeling the desired shapes by the ceramist. It is in this process of creative development that this artist applies various techniques – the wheel, the plate, the pinch pot, glazing and others – dedicating herself to building shapes, sculptures, colors, effects and nuances, which attract looks and adorn life.

Elizabeth Wiese’s creative pottery presented, shows exclusive pieces handcrafted by the ceramist with different types of ceramic mass, glazed and taken to a special high temperature oven (1240°C) obtaining a beautiful vitrified effect.

The works she produces are highly resistant, and in addition to their decorative qualities, they can have specific purposes, such as lighting objects, or be put on the table and used to serve food. As the produced ceramics are made with non-toxic pigment glazes, they can be heated in a conventional oven, microwave and resist dish washing machine.

Ceramic pieces can be made by order, with variations in formats, dimensions and colors, allowing, whenever desirable, the customer’s co-participation in the creation of the final product.


— The Artist

Born in Rio de Janeiro, she lives in São Paulo, Brazil, and Rotterdam in the Netherlands, having dual citizenship. She made a career as a clinical psychologist and university professor, having taught at the University of São Paulo and at the University College Roosevelt in Middelburg, part of the University of Utrecht, in the Netherlands, where she retired in 2020. Her first contacts with the wonders of ceramics occurred, as hobby, in 1996, having this great passion expanded and developed to become an exclusive dedication in the last 3 years.


Check out the 5 collections of pieces. Click on the desired collection to be able to see more works from the corresponding collection and also general technical information about them.

Collection 1: The Rays of Light

Collection 2: The sea as inspiration

Collection 3: The Creative Nature

Collection 4: The Culture of Japan

Collection 5: The Glow of Bronze

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